All about our big move from Darwin to Melbourne

Welcome to The Fisher Family’s Big Move – my name is David. Together with my wife, Marcia, we created this website and wrote all about our experience moving across the country. Not only did our friends and family want to hear about our big move, we thought there’d be many other families throughout Australia who are looking to move just like us. Our hope is that this website will provide helpful advice and information for families of all sizes to make a big house move – as many of us know, it’s not a completely stress-free and simple time!

Our family includes myself, my wife, our three children (Max, Amelia and Rose) as well as our three cats and two puppies – a big family to say the least! As it wasn’t just a few of us in the family, there was much more to organise during the move – we couldn’t exactly leave our children and pets to wander around the place will we packed boxes into the moving truck! Everything had to be carefully planned and organised, so there was as little stress on the big moving day as possible.

Fisher's Big Move Guide

Getting started

We had about 2 months notice that we’d be moving across the country. Ideally we would have liked a few more months to start planning and preparing for the move, but we just worked with what we had. With 10 family members, you can imagine the amount of contents and belongings we had to pack.

To make sure we weren’t left with several hours of packing on the actual moving day, we started packing very much in advance. Anything that we hadn’t used/didn’t need to use in the next upcoming months – things like old books, out of season clothes, antiques, artwork etc – were packed up in boxes and labeled accordingly.

As an environmentally conscious family, we didn’t want to be buying these cardboard boxes brand new as it’s incredibly wasteful when so there’s so many perfectly good second hand boxes all over the area. We found some great second hand boxes to use online at

Read more about how we got started on the Packing page.

Organising the kids

As many families with young children know, organising the kids to keep preoccupied while you’re busy is near impossible. We wanted to make sure that throughout the move, they were as involved as they could be. By keeping them busy and involved, they tended to stay out of trouble throughout.

Read more about how we got them to help out on the Kids page.

Fisher's Big Move

Organising the pets

We didn’t want out three cats and two dogs to freak out and/or get in the way during the move. That’s why we booked them into a local boarding kennel and cattery smart quick. For two days prior to the move til two days after the move, our pets enjoyed their stay at Sampenny Kennels & Cattery.

Read more about how we organised the cats and dogs on the Pets page.

Getting settled

Once the move was complete, and we were all getting comfortable in our new place, we wanted to start getting the final bits and pieces together to ensure that the house quickly became a home. From getting a new gas fireplace installed to getting mail redirected – we found that getting settled involved just about as much work as the move itself!

Read more about how we got settled in on the Getting Settled page.

Big House Move